Tip These Waiters…or Risk Assassination

When your servers are shinobi given to springing from and vanishing through secret passageways in the surrounding walls, send your dinner back to the kitchen at your peril.

Ninja New York is ready to guide you to a world of excitement!” promises the website belonging to this TriBeCa restaurant whose interior is designed and decorated to evoke the feel of a feudal-era Japanese castle.  From its complex labyrinthine layout and contraptions designed to deceive and trap “intruders,” to the Ninja Miso Soup whose menu description reads “If you find a prize, you may be assassinated!?” every care has been taken to create a fun environment that lends itself to enjoyment of good food and good times. Choose from a fixed-price “Special Courses” menu, or select items a la carte.

An extensive collection of child-friendly selections and an impressive array of beers, champagnes, wines, and “Ninja cocktails” constructed with ingredients like ginger, dry sake, and lychee juice leave no stone unturned. There’s something here for everyone (but especially, many native New Yorkers would say, for tourists.) Thanks much to sbrown86 for posting this video at Youtube.

Ninja New York
25 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-8500

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