Taiwanese Street Food In ‘da (Bao)Haus

Photo credit: BaoHausNYC.com

Oh, NYC. You are determined to lure me back, even after all these years, even after I left you for my own good. You tried to seduce me with 24-hour ice cream sandwich delivery. You enlisted the aid of ninjas to retrieve my affections. You lifted a siren’s song to the heavens in the form of the 2nd Annual Malaysian Restaurant Week. And although I felt something, for a time, I’d thought we understood one another. But I see now that your efforts are renewed, as you’ve recently hit me with BaoHaus.

Taiwanese street food. Steamed bun sandwiches dressed with Taiwanese red sugar, crushed peanuts, and cilantro, and layered with all-natural free range chicken, Berkshire pork belly, and other greats. An all-natural hangar steak-stuffed delight called the Haus Bao, which was featured in March 2010 on Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown. 90% energy efficient induction cooking, and a second location opened just yesterday in the East Village.

You win. Leave a light on for me. Your wandering boy’s coming home…


East Village (Opened 07/27/2011)
238 E 14th Street
New York, NY 10003

Lower East Side
137 Rivington Street
NY, NY 10002

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