Bacon Shakes Things Up, Gets Married

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As for food-related things with the potential either to be an unprecedented culinary innovation or a catastrophic failure, my vote for today goes to the bacon-flavored milkshake recently unveiled by Jack in the Box.

The Bacon Shake is part of Jack in the Box’s “Marry Bacon” campaign and bears the distinction of containing not an iota of meat, opting instead for bacon-flavored syrup.  Being kept (wisely?) off-menu for the time being, the Bacon Shake is one of those secret selectables we love so much, a food option available to all who know to ask for it.  Those interested in tasting it would do well to hurry, though. (where visitors may buy clothes featuring images of bacon, upload photos to create a “Bacon Baby,” and view a commercial in which a man marries bacon and gets told by the officiating minister that he “may now eat the bride”) is forthright about the shake’s hardly being a permanent fixture, stating, “The Bacon Shake is limited as limited can be. There’s no telling when it might disappear…”

What such a disappearance bodes for those willing to marry bacon is anyone’s guess.  The Bacon Shake’s success ultimately will rise or fall on whether we the people are as enamored of salty pig parts as Jack thinks we are.  Might this lead to a milkshake renaissance, where shakes flavored with other breakfast meats will join the Bacon Shake in a frothy new beverage pantheon? Can the Scrapple Shake or Sausage Smoothie be far behind?  Time will tell on that score, but if merely creating buzz was a prime directive of this campaign, then the amount of exposure the Bacon Shake has gotten in a relatively short period says that mission is being accomplished, and without harming a single hair on any piggy’s chinny chin chin.

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  • February 11, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    Oh dear, this just doesn’t sound like something I would be excited about tasting. Love the title of your article, and the recipe concept is innovative. However, I’ll personally stick with more traditional milkshake flavors and have my bacon for breakfast! rcj

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