Turbaconducken, Have Your Art and Eat it Too, Loungin’ With S’mores Grilled Cheese, and the Japanese Macaroni Burger

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Not least among the reasons why this seems a worthwhile innovation is that it disrupts the unfortunate quartet of letters that, having incited much lowbrow humor over the years, typically begins the work “Turducken.” I will contend here again that precious few savories exist that cannot benefit from the addition of crispy bacon. The meat matryoshka that is the Turducken would seem to warrant no less than to be wrapped in one of four available flavored bacon bundles (Choose from Classic, Honey, Apple Cinnamon, and Jalapeno at BaconFreak.com) and devoured with a heart full of thanks and praise this holiday season.

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Feasting on Art

Here is a look at how food and art can play together that’s as visually impressive as it is unique. Pairing standard recipe representations with an artist’s aesthetics, the blog Feasting on Art is the brainchild of art historian Megan Fizell. Offering up an extensive collection of 200+ recipe pages, this blog pairs each one with a work of visual art featuring one or more of the foods to be utilized in creating the dish. Come for the mouth-watering recipes. Stay for the masterful artist’s renderings that illustrate food’s ability to transcend our expectations in affectionate hands.

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S’mores Grilled Cheese

In its Hudson Lounge (a repurposed courtyard answering to a higher, much more fur-draped and rustic calling) the Hudson Hotel in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood is currently serving up treats with cold weather in mind. One such temptation is its S’mores Grilled Cheese sandwich bursting with the combined might of gruyère and cheddar, as well as Nutella, ricotta, and maple syrup. This sounds like the sort of chew that would slide down nicely with another of the Lounge’s menu items, a steaming cup of hot chocolate with available toppings that include crushed candy cane, pretzel dust, and burnt marshmallow (or if one is so-inclined, a more adult version spiked with Grand Marnier and Don Julio Añejo, called a Chocolate Bonbon). If those aren’t reasons enough to welcome first snow, then I just don’t understand the world anymore.

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Japanese Macaroni Burger

Today being National fast Food Day, I could again bewail the fact that fast food items this interesting never seem to venture stateside. I could lament that at least a year or two stands between me and Mrs. Flavorful World paying a visit to her relatives residing in Japan (and by extension, between me and bite one of this hot breadcrumb-crusted patty of macaroni and shrimp that sounds awesome, I don’t care what anyone says.) I could do both of those things. Instead, I’m just gonna leave this here and tip my hat to McDonald’s Japan for once again managing to lift my eyebrows in the best possible way.

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