A $66 Kobe Steak Pizza, In the Future: A PC That’s Also a PC, A Smartfork, and When Tyson Met Bourdain

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Photo credit: Slice
Photo credit: Slice

Domino’s Pizza Japan’s $66 Kobe Steak Pie

Not to be outdone by competitors on the specialty pizza scene, Domino’s Japan recently unveiled this pie piled with Kobe beef steak. For a paltry 5800 yen (roughly $66 USD) it can be yours, mine, and ours, and if there be truth in advertising, it cuts an impressive figure.  Laden with onions, potato, and whatever “deluxe steak sauce” may be, this sounds more than a little tasty, and renews my lamentation that so many miles lie between it and my stomach. One can only hope that it is as much a helping of meat and potatoes to which the pizza is but an addendum as I hope it is.  Because I like pizza just fine, but I do love kobe beef.

Via Slice

IBM computer personal chefIn the Future: A “PC” that’s also a “PC”

Included in the December 2012 iteration of IBM’s Annual 5 in 5 list is a computer that could someday design recipes customized to a person’s individual taste and flavor preferences. The determination process would involve analysis of a food’s chemical compound interaction, and from which ones our brains, noses, and taste buds derive the greatest pleasurable experience. Five years is a long time, but the wait could be worth it for the chance to one day have a computer put together a meal that tastes as though it’s full of stars.

Via Eatocracy

Photo credit: Devour
Photo credit: Devour

The Smartfork

The tech wizards at HAPILABS want to help you control your meal portions, and their HAPIfork is the tool they’ve chosen for the task. Due to debut in 2014, it’s designed to monitor both how much food one is putting away and how quickly one does so. Anyone exceeding the limits of what the HAPIfork deems reasonable will receive a vibrating jolt of admonishment.  While I can conceive no scenario in which being berated by a dining utensil doesn’t sound humiliating, HAPIfork might yet serve a valuable purpose.  We’ll see.

Via Devour

When Tyson Met Bourdain

Before watching this interview, I wouldn’t have imagined you could pack this much pure awesomeness onto one screen.  As usual, I find myself continuing to learn from two of the most compelling minds of our time. Watching astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain talk on cooking and global food culture is Star Time indeed, and it always will be.

Via Serious Eats

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