The Chambong, Caffeinated PB, The Moon Glass, and a Grilled PB & J Burger How-To

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image of the chambong, a vessel for
Image credit: Chambong

What’s a ‘Glass’?

The Chambong is a fluted drinking vessel named as it is for reasons that become obvious once you realize it’s a bong created for the chief purpose of chugging Champagne, kegger-style (“Champagne” + “bong” = “Chambong,” you see). I realize that we live in an age enamored of food-and-drink focused chimeras, “mash-ups,” and other dichotomous combinations of form and function. Despite that understanding, as a well-read adult male of above average intelligence, I find myself grasping to decide how to feel about the thing. Part of me asks “Need we aid people in funneling delicate alcoholic beverages into their gullets too rapidly to be tasted, much less savored?” while the other portion argues that the item is not without visual appeal, and that ingesting their Champagne by such means could indeed be considered fun by some people. I may need to open a bottle of Champagne and mull this over for a while.

Via Mashable

Image credit: Steem / Facebook
Image credit: Steem / Facebook

PB & J (If “J” Stands For “Jitters”)

As far as infusing routinely non-caffeinated products with caffeine goes, I thought I’d heard everything a few years ago when I learned about caffeinated water. The makers of Steem peanut butter have given such infusions a good deal more thought than I. They’ve infused their tasty product with caffeine to such an extent that two tablespoons are said to contain the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. Combining an eye-opening energy boost with peanut butter’s nutrients doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, though it does seem like a product best used in moderation (unless all-day jitters are your jam), and kept well out of children’s reach. Chew responsibly, friends.

Via Eater

Image credit: Tale Design
Image credit: Tale Design

When The Moon Hits Your Glass

Korean design firm Tale Design has created a collection of black ceramic glass cups that when filled to varying levels with liquid, mimic the moon’s phases from new to full. Given the dark hue of the glass, the visual effects are best appreciated through use of light-colored beverages. Filled with cream liqueur, these vessels cast the phrase “shoot the moon” in an altogether new and different light.

Via Design Taxi

The PB & J Burger Because Eat It

Watch this. Watch this right now. Then watch it again. Then follow the directions and make your own. Then invite some friends over to help you eat them and consider, as you chew, basking in their praise, what noble benefactors we all have in the folks behind Cook With Meat. [Video courtesy of Cook With Meat YouTube channel.]

Via Foodiggity

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