The Food-ture Looks Bright For Healthy Eaters

Contributed by Ben Rhodes

There is no denying that healthy living and lifestyles focused on wellbeing will keep rising in popularity, having gained so much momentum in recent years. In fact, we’re constantly seeing new trends slip into the mainstream idea of healthy eating, must-try superfoods, age-defying smoothies, creating all sorts of weird and wonderful worlds of eating and cooking.

But why is this the case? How is it that healthy eating and drinking has exploded onto the scene like a New Year’s fireworks display in a capital city? The reasons are many. Some if it has to do with the rise of social media (and with it, our search for a better social standing). Another facet is the ever-increasing variety of products on offer. Perhaps most importantly, there is the fact that good, healthy food is also totally delicious; it’s just not boring anymore. And these are probably the key factors driving the success of healthy living:

  • Showing off our healthy lifestyles to friends and followers.
  • Enjoying the huge array of growing food trends that look too good to miss.
  • Enjoying the fact that nutritious foods now dance across our tastebuds like seasoned salsa dancers.

So, here are some of the trends we should look out for, the ones that will taste fantastic in mouths, fill our toned bellies and still look great on your Instagram account; so much so, you may even start to see flocks of new followers coming to envy your every day, and your every move.

Colourful Food Means A Colourful Life

We’ve seen the rise of green foods; the ones that wear the nametag of ‘superfood’ with such pride. These are the nutrient-rich foods considered to be extra beneficial for both your health and wellbeing, and thus your entire life including your emotional capacity. They include:

  • Brussel sprouts – which are nutritional workhorses
  • Green tea – with its antioxidants that also boost your heart health, your digestive system and your metabolism
  • Avocados – which have loads of good fats to reduce your cholesterol while keeping you feeling fuller for longer
  • Kiwi – chock full of fiber, vitamins, potassium, and folate
  • Spinach – the iron in this vegetable makes it an incredible superfood
  • Kale – a must have on all plates and in all smoothies.
  • Broccoli – everyone’s favorite because it’s bursting with vitamins and calcium

What’s more, green looks so good on a white plate. It just pops. But green is no longer the biggest color trend, thanks to Beyonce. That title now goes to the big n’ bold color of red. Beyonce went and invested a ton of money into a drink called WTRMLN (for some reason, spelling words without using any of the vowels has become a massive trend too), which is basically refreshing watermelon juice that has started to take the health-conscious world by storm.

Most surprising about this is the fact that watermelon hadn’t been exploited up until now. It’s a superfruit for sure. It is over 90% water and has loads of goodness in it, making it the ideal partner to an active lifestyle. Not only does it rehydrate, it also packs a punch full of vitamins A, B, and C, potassium, and more. Oh, and it has barely any calories. That’s a lot of pluses without a lot of minuses.

No doubt this will see a resurgence in other red foods like strawberries, red peppers, tomatoes, apples, cherries, cranberries, and a whole universe of other vibrant, healthy fruits and veggies.



This may be the thing to knock the sushi diet off its perch. Poke is basically sushi doing a happy dance in a grass dress. That’s because it is a Polynesian dish made up of raw-fish that is marinated in loads of funky flavors that are largely good for you. What flavors are we talking about? Lime, soy, sesame, cucumber, seaweed, rice and leafy, yummy greens.

Delightful to look at, it’s becoming the latest trend to take over the food world, including restaurants and Instagram feeds. An added plus to poke is its ease. It is simple to make, which means it can be shoved in a box and taken to work for your new pack up or it can be rustled up in a quick snack whenever your belly starts rumbling and grumbling. It’s also a great thing to eat for those who aren’t going to be satisfied eating a plain salad, yet aren’t in the zone to chow down on a foot-long from Subway.

Of course, if you discover it at some pop-up cafe on the street, just remember it is raw fish and that can be a little dodgy sometimes, a topic that leads us to ways we can keep the industry safe and keep food epic. One important way is to alert the market to any upset tummies by reaching out to resources like (


Juicing It Up

Juicing has become a popular thing to do in one’s own home, as it is both simple to do and good for you, too. In essence, all you are doing is taking loads and loads of good foods, throwing them in a blender and making yourself a drink that you can down in one fell swoop; giving your body all that it needs and more.

But where do you start with juicing? What fruits or veggies do you put in a juice? What are the best and newest recipes to give a go and whirr up? It’s hard to say exactly because taste is somewhat subjective, but why not follow the trends that have been appearing, or dip into the superfood fad?

Start with red. Do a strawberry and watermelon juice, but make it epic by adding things like lime and lemon, something to give it a bit of zing. Or jump slightly off the red thing by doing a carrot juice concoction with some added ginger and some apple. There’s also kale; pretty much anything that has a strong flavour will go well with it, like banana, pineapple, and lime.


Going Vegan

It was probably something to do with the massive documentary films that were released last year, mainly Cowspiracy and Before The Flood. These basically stated how bad beef is for the environment, something about cows farts, water supplies, grazing ground, deforestation and CO2 emissions. As such, there has been a huge rise in vegetarianism and veganism. This means veggies will be on trend, as will things like grains, seeds, corn, chickpeas, lentils, fungus, and all sorts of vegetarian products.

These will continue to replace meat dishes. And that is a good thing because veggie dishes can be fruitier, more exciting, more innovative and more wow, since they can’t rely on a savory meat being the centerpiece of the meal. Chefs therefore tend to take risks with more daring spices and ingredients that have fuller flavors. Think of all those unusual things like dragon fruit and eggplant and butternut squash and courgettes and legumes and many things we’ve never heard of, just staring at us from the baskets in local stores and delis.

Vegetables are on the rise, trust us. We’ve even noticed a bunch of yogurts getting the vegetable treatment (we’re not sure why) but flavours like beetroot and carrot and squash and spinach yogurt are starting to pop up all around us. Maybe this is just the beginning of something new and epic. Who knows?


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  • January 26, 2017 at 12:46 PM

    I love this positive and informative post. You are correct that social media has played a huge role in inspiring healthy eating habits which is great. Great content here and pics. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • January 31, 2017 at 1:05 AM

      Hi Eartha 🙂 Thanks for your comment! We think it’s great too, and enjoy the way the internet seems to lead us to new ways of eating healthy very day.

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