At This Folsom CA Restaurant, See a Rat, Get a Discount, Apparently

To call running a restaurant a “full-time job” is to underestimate to a laughable degree everything that goes into not just keeping the lights on and bottles washed, but dealing with daily, random contingencies that can spring up at a moment’s notice. No one ever said it was easy. Sometimes said contingencies have legs. Furry little legs. And tails. Creepy, hairless little tails that give people the willies just thinking about them.

Such was the case one recent night at Fat’s Asia Bistro in Folsom, California, when a diner complained to her server of having witnessed a rat run across her feet. When the bill for the meal was presented (more on that in the next paragraph), a $30.95 discount had been applied to the total cost, bearing the designation “SEEN RAT”.

It’s hard to know who to consider the more unflappable in this scenario: the manager who, without ever approaching the table to address or apologize for the incident, summarily applies a “rat-spotting” discount (again, that’s a $31 discount, as opposed to the full comp that would have been a more than reasonable demand) or the customer who stays at the restaurant long enough to finish dining and get a receipt after a LIVE RAT has tangoed across her toes. Yeah, “unflappable” is the word we’re choosing for both of those. Just go with it.

To the restaurant’s credit, management summoned pest control to the premises posthaste following the incident. And upon subsequent investigation by an inspector from the local Department of Health, no evidence of vermin presence was found. So, uh…”Yay” we suppose?


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