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I’m Anthony Beal, food blogger, wine scholar, proud comic book geek, and shinnichi (Japanophile). Thanks for wanting to know a bit more about me and FlavorfulWorld.com.

Flavorful World’s guiding philosophy is that the enjoyment of food and drink holds so much more power than many of us give credit for, and that culinary pursuits deserve not only our attention, but our gratitude, our cultivation, and our respect; because food is capable of feeding far more than a rumbling stomach. Food is life; our well-being demands it. Food is art and magic; it evokes emotion and colors memory, and in skilled hands, meals become greater than the sum of their ingredients. Food is self-evident; plucked right from the ground or vine or sea, its power to delight is immediate. Food is discovery; finding an untried spice or cuisine is for me like uncovering a new element. Food is evolution; how we interpret it remains ever fluid. Food is humanitarian: sharing it bridges cultures, making friends of strangers pleasantly surprised to learn how much common ground they ultimately share.

As for things that might interest you about me, I can tell you that:

  • I’ve never met a shrimp, prawn, or mussel that I didn’t like, and while cooking isn’t my day job, it is my favorite source of calm and soothing. So now you know how I spend most of my weekends: In the kitchen, experimenting, and then experimenting some more.
  • Eating my way across Japan is among my top life goals, along with enjoying a first-rate meal in an ornately-furnished cave restaurant abroad, and touring the wineries of Spain and France.
  • I’ve written on food and drink for publications such as Tabélog, Cilantro: The Cook’s Shop, FoodyDirect, and Tiperosity.com, among others. My wine poetry (did I mention that I write wine poetry?) has been published on vintagewinepoems.com (an online trove of wine-themed verse that I’d call wonderful even if my work wasn’t published there).
  • Since beginning my wine studies in January 2013, I’ve passed the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level II and Level III Advanced Wines and Spirits Certification courses “with Merit”, earned the Society of Wine Educators’ Hospitality/Beverage Specialist Certificate, and the Wine Scholar Guild’s Master-Level certificate on the wines of Provence, France. I’m currently working toward my FWS (French Wine Scholar) credential with the Wine Scholar Guild.
  • When I’m not cooking and/or eating delicious things, I like to travel, study Japanese language and culture, read voraciously, and enjoy being a darn fine husband and father.

So bearing all that in mind, I hope you enjoy kicking around here as I share food and drinking culture news from around the world, along with chef/food blogger interviews, recipes, reviews and a whole lot more.

With gratitude,


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