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Food in Ads vs. Food in Reality

Our friends at FinancesOnline.com have created an infographic examining common deceptive advertising practices. While most people are no doubt aware that the visual aesthetic of that burger or sandwich shown in a television commercial will bear almost no resemblance to what gets placed before them in a restaurant, other tricks such as the examples pictured below may nonetheless be eye-opening to some. Such practices aren’t confined to the food industry, either, as reflected in the full graphic, which explores a number of arenas.

Wanting to present one’s product in the best possible manner is understandable, though graphics like this one beg the question, at what point do photo editing and product stand-ins cross the line between putting on a product’s best face and outright dishonesty?


See the entire infographic here.

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Freedom of Choice in the Grocery Aisles?

The infographic below comes to us via Alex Hillsberg of FinancesOnline.com.  It’s an interesting examination of how much variety truly exists regarding which companies we choose to patronize when we’re wandering the supermarket aisles (hint: it’s less than many people might think).

To read Alex’s full article on the subject, click the image.

Food Conglomerates_Infographic_Final 2


South Korea’s Gastronomic Voyeurism Really Pays

[Video courtesy of Reuters YouTube Channel]


Every so often the universe sees fit to reinforce to me that I’m in the wrong line of full-time work.

A recent Reuters article reported on one Park Seo-yeon, known to her legions of adoring fans as “The Diva.” Park is one of an approximate 3,500 people in South Korea running online food-eating shows that let viewers watch someone enjoy sumptuous meals while filming the eating experience via webcam.  Noshing in front of her webcam for about three hours each day, Park earns income in the form of virtual “balloons” sent to her by online viewers seeking and finding comfort in this growing fad dubbed “gastronomic voyeurism.”  With each virtual balloon worth 100 won (about 9 cents USD), Park’s current average monthly income from her web program is over $9,000. Not a bad earning for spending three hours a day doing something a person would normally do anyway, given that it’s kind of crucial for one’s continued existence.

There must surely have been some singular thing at some point in my life that has amused, depressed, annoyed, and inspired me in equal measure all at once, as this fad does, but damn if I can presently call it to mind.

So yeah, I’ve been doing the whole online food presence thing wrong.  Time to consider eating at a larger table.

Cold Where You Are? Get in on IMUSA’s New Year, New Food Giveaway

wine--food-graphic-revised 2If you’re like me, then you haven’t been able to get the song “Baby, it’s cold outside” out of your head for the past 48 hours or so.  The fact that it is Wintertime notwithstanding, temperatures have been arctic across the U.S. as of late. No one could be blamed for desiring to escape the “polar vortex” via a trip to someplace warm. If the trip was for two, then so much the better,  right?

If you responded “yes” out loud, nodded, or otherwise expressed or conceived some form of agreement with the question posed above, then you’ll want to pay attention to this next part: Hispanic and International cookware company IMUSA is holding a giveaway that you can enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Miami and indulge in the much-anticipated South Beach Wine & Food Festival!

The New Year, New Food Giveaway will be live for the month of January and is exclusively for IMUSA’s Facebook fans. By “liking” IMUSA’s page and entering in the contest you’ll have a chance to WIN a trip to Miami for 2, with the costs of travel, hotel accommodations, and 2 tickets to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival included! Ten runner-ups will receive IMUSA prizes as well.


To enter on Facebook, “Like” the IMUSA Facebook page and follow the instructions to complete the entry form with the information requested during the Giveaway Period. Entrants must complete and submit all required information on the Giveaway entry form to be eligible to enter.

Every additional friend referred is an additional entry for a chance to win, so be sure to refer your friends to “Like” IMUSA’s page and have them enter all required info for a chance to win the Grand Prize Trip to Miami or runner-up prizes.

This Giveaway ends 11:59PM EST January 31st, 2014. The grand prize winner will be announced on February 1st and will receive a trip for 2 to Miami from Saturday, February 22nd to Monday February 24th, inclusive of 2 coach flights, a 2-night stay at a Miami hotel (location TBD), 2 tickets to the GOYA Foods’ Swine & Wine SOBE WFF event on Sunday, February 23rd, and car service to-and-from hotel to the SOBE WFF event. 10 runner-up winners will win IMUSA kitchen gear!

To see the winners list, visit www.facebook.com/imusausa on February 1st. The list will be posted after winner confirmation is complete.


On Nelson Mandela’s Passing

I’m going to keep this brief for reasons that are somewhat hard to frame. It feels lacking somehow, not to acknowledge here the recent passing of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, thus I do so now – even though this is a food blog, even though that places such an acknowledgment somewhat outside my typical subject matter. I can only attribute my silence on the matter up until now to my inability to think of anything to say that has not been or will not be said more eloquently by those who knew him best. I’ll simply confess that days after hearing the news I am no closer to the words to express my profound sadness at this loss than I am to those capable of conveying my admiration for the world-changing example he set as a champion for peace and human rights. So, because this remains a food blog, I’ll share a link to a recently-purchased read that I thought others might enjoy, and leave it at that.9781770095656_p0_v1_s600
Hunger for Freedom: The Story of Food in the Life of Nelson Mandela
by Anna Trapido
ISBN-13: 9781770095656
Publisher: Jacana Media