Have Your Drink and Eat it Too – Fancy Cakes By Leslie

Raise Your Cup(cake) and Make a Toast
Fancy Cakes By Leslie – Bethesda, MD


Some reading this will scoff at the phrase “liquor-infused cupcake.” They’ll do this not because it isn’t an idea whose time has come, and not because they are teetotalers or wet blankets who wouldn’t recognize a good time if it bit them on the nose in broad daylight. Many will disbelieve their eyes simply because they’ve been too often burned by other allegedly inebriated sweets wherein in most if not all of the alcohol, typically added before baking, burns away during the baking process. No such dodge is present at Fancy Cakes by Leslie, located in Bethesda, Maryland, where true liquor-infused cupcakes are available for the carrying and relishing.

Here, liquor is brushed on after the treats come out of the oven. It’s also stirred into the rich buttercream frosting piled atop the cooled goods. Exquisite ganache then gets injected into the cores of these little darlings offered in cake flavors like chocolate fudge, red velvet, and tiramisu, among others. Although offerings such as French chocolate cupcakes drunken with Woodford Reserve are made available for purchasing off the shelf, visitors may choose the liquor and cake of their choice for special orders. Giving the bakers a couple of days’ notice for such requests is a good idea. Picking up a batch of boozy custom cupcakes—flavored with the likes of Chambord, Cointreau, or Frangelico, to name a few—for your next gathering is a better one. If a more perfect marriage of single-serving dessert consumption and after-dinner drinking exists between the moon and Bethesda, I have yet to enjoy it.

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