Recipe: A spicy sandwich spread in three steps

I created this spread because, to my thinking, sandwiches that bite back invariably taste better than ones that don’t. Not only is this recipe ridiculously easy, but it tastes phenomenal on everything from the roast pork hoagies I recently made on May 5th (a date that’s twice the cause for celebration for being both Cinco de Mayo AND National Hoagie Day) to the Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches that I favor.


  • 1 fresh Serrano pepper with seeds removed
  • 2 tbps diced jalapeno
  • 4-5 small green tomatillos
  • 1 cup of olive oil-based mayonnaise


  1. Add mayonnaise to medium-sized bowl.
  2. Add Serrano, diced jalapeno, and whole tomatillos to blender and blend until smooth paste is formed.
  3. Transfer paste from blender to bowl with mayonnaise.  Stir briskly until the two are thoroughly blended.

Try it out.  If you can count to three, you’re home free!

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