Be a Sous Chef for a Day

Image of vegetables being tossed in a sizzling wok
Image credit: Jan van der Crabben

Here’s something that should talk to all your inner Childs, Bourdains, and Batalis: Give your favorite foodie the gift of a day spent working as a sous chef.  In select restaurant kitchens in Denver, Dallas, Charlotte, NC, or Washington, D.C., you or someone you love can spend the daylight hours facing the heat alongside an award-winning chef.

Prove your culinary caliber and fill an afternoon braving the heat of a professional kitchen.  Then, because concepts like “all work and no play” are considered odious to imaginative hearts everywhere, return later that evening to the restaurant that you’ll be able to point to for the rest of your life and truthfully say “I worked there,” to get a little tight and enjoy a meal that you and your mad ninja sous chef skills helped make possible.  Do it yourself, or give it as a gift, because nothing shows that you care like an unsolicited afternoon of hard (albeit delicious) labor. FTW…

Get details on how to make it happen at an eatery near you in Denver, Dallas, D.C., or Charlotte at Sous Chef for a Day

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