Have Your Drink and Eat it Too – Farmers and Fishers

How Many Licks It Takes
Farmers & Fishers – Georgetown, D.C.


If we were all asked to create a list of guilty pleasures comprising every food item that we enjoy despite its health detriments, how many of those lists would exclude, the likes of chocolate, bacon, and liquor? A Washington D.C. watering hole named Farmers & Fishers, demonstrating admirable prescience with regard to sinful combinations yet to entice us, has assembled this trifecta of temptations in a single offering called the Bone Cocktail.

While one’s first hearing of this brew is likely to turn the mind’s eye toward some less than delectable imagery, deciding what to call it was no capricious act. Its name derives from a rib-bone garnished cocktail born in Syracuse, New York, one that would inspire the drink currently serving up in a single glass the best and most indulgent of all worlds.

We’ve all heard the phrase “It began so innocently” applied to those circumstances in life that often must be seen and experienced in order to be believed or understood. More often than not, the relevance of the words lies in the fact that those types of situations rarely remain innocent for long. Well, the Bone Cocktail doesn’t even pretend to begin innocently.

It starts with the vigorous shaking of bourbon to which fresh-squeezed lime juice and several dashes of Tabasco have been added. After that, things get downright bawdy.

To add a slice of Wisconsin bacon to any cocktail takes an artist’s insight as well as hot-air balloon-sized cojones. To skewer a slice of Wisconsin Nueske’s bacon that’s been candied in cinnamon and brown sugar, then dip it in chocolate ganache before adding it to a glass of Tabasco-and-lime-infused bourbon is lunacy of the highest and most delicious order. And much like life’s most exhilarating things, this one truly must be experienced to be believed.


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