Express yourself in chocolate, basil, and more

So, you’ve just bitten into a chocolate bar and now lament that but for the lack of a couple of embedded slivers of beef jerky or a handful of pop rocks, it could have been so much better. The confectioners at are thinking of you and they’ve got you covered.

Image of packaged chocolate berry bar
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For those of you longing for some lavender or wishing for wasabi peas with which to enjoy your next bite of chocolate, they’ve implemented a means for you to personalize your candy with up to six categories of accoutrements like edamame, 23-karat gold flakes, corn nuts, sea salt, mini chipotles, vegetarian bacon, oregano, and more.

Traditionalists need not be fearful if these additions sound a bit too abstract: you can also select from more familiar flourishes like macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, pecan halves, roasted organic peanuts, and pineapple dices. Choose white, milk, or dark chocolate, add up to five extras, and then purchase as much or as little of it as your little sweet tooth desires.

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