Photo: Crawfish Half & Half

Photo Credit: Anthony Beal

As one who’s never met a mudbug he didn’t like, finding a crawfish dish on any restaurant menu outside New Orleans is always a happy occasion for me. Finding a decent crawfish etouffee under those same geographic conditions has been for me a slightly less expedient process than, say, discovering snow in the Sahara. Having said that, my sampling of the above-pictured dish, the Crawfish Half & Half at Joe’s Crab Shack in Gaithersburg, Maryland, was relatively enjoyable.

The meal consisted of a helping of crawfish etouffee, and one of fried crawfish tails, served with white rice. Plump and juicy, swimming in creamy sauce flavored with cayenne and green peppers, the etouffee crawfish were tasty. The fried tails, on the other hand, were adequate. I’d have liked a lighter hand to be taken with spicing the flour batter they fried in, as the meat’s natural flavor verged on getting lost in the heavily-seasoned mixture. Apart from that, it was an otherwise pleasant meal that I would revisit.

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