A Whole Lotta Shakin’ at NYC’s Momofuku Milk Bar

A Case of the “Fancy Shakes”

Photo credit: momofuku.com

Manhattan’s Momofuku Milk Bar, owned by David Chang, is nothing if not inventive in its approach to menu offerings. Its food reflects what gustatory treasures are frequently born of the influences of multiple cultures and ethnicities. For illustration of the aforementioned, a visitor to either of its two New york City locations (one in Midtown, the other in East Greenwich Village) needs look no further than the Kimchi and Blue Cheese Croissant, the Banana Green Curry Bread, or the soft serve ice cream in flavors like BBQ or creamed corn. These are but four of a multitude of menu items that have elicited more than a few initial double takes before winning over adventurous patrons. And that’s before you even get to the “fancy shakes.”

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