A Korean Bulgogi Jungol How-To

In this video, Youtube user Maangchi takes us through the preparation of bulgogi jungol (a.k.a. fantastic beef and vegetable stew).  I admit to having watched this one multiple times, because on each new viewing, something new seizes my attention,  necessitating an additional watching.  A sample of my internal monologue on the first few viewings:

On viewing #1: Well, she’s certainly good with a kitchen knife.  That pear never had a chance…”

On viewing 2: “That wok she’s using is SICK. Honestly, look at the size of it. Want. Now. Must. Have…”

On viewing #3: “The way she’s layering her vegetable ingredients in there reminds me of mosaic art…”

And thus my various distractions continued for some time to intervene upon my concentration on the matters at hand.  Having said that, reaching the end of this video is infinitely worth the time.  The resulting meal looks so good that I nearly took a stab at my monitor with a fork, hoping to steal a taste. Maangchi and the written tips that appear onscreen at intervals make preparing it look relatively uncomplicated, and the ingredients are all accessible things that should be easy enough to find at your local grocery store. Just be sure not to watch this video while holding flatware, or your monitor could suffer the consequences.

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