Veggie seppuku for curry’s sake

We’ll preface today’s entry by saying that we know this video is not new to the web. It’s been here for a while, in fact, but we don’t care. It’s the proverbial oldie but goodie. What’s more, it’s got us craving Japanese curry and anything that puts us in that frame of mind (not that it’s much of a stretch) is worth repeat viewings.

In this video excerpt of a popular Japanese anime called “Dai Mahou Touge,” we learn that some noble hearts are born and others are…grown (organically, we hope.) Potato-dono makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of good curry, horrifying his less lionhearted veggie friends in the process. And while it is all too tempting to write something punny here about the importance of a hero having “starch” and a “thick-skin,” instead, we’ll just say: Watch the clip.

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