3 Frighteningly Good (pun intended!) Halloween Recipe Vids

Halloween Pumpkin Soup

The Pink of Perfection bring us this great soup that looks like it’d make a luxurious lunch, or a fantastic first dinner course sure to fill your guests with anticipation of more greatness to come out of your kitchen.

Happy Jack Pizza

If having your food grin up at you as you lovingly chow down on slices of its meat-and-cheese-laden face brings out your inner carnivore, then this dish belongs on your dining table. Utilizing Rhodes Bake n’ Serv dough, it looks quick and simple to prepare, and its Jack o’ Lantern aesthetic should delight little ones as well as older goblins.

Flaming Zombie

Any drink that combines my love of flames with my love of zombies and rum is worth sharing with the world. Since I can’t add this cocktail from ArtOfTheDrink.com to the goodie bags of my neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters without spending the night in jail, posting this video seemed like the next best option.

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