8 Questions for 8 Food Bloggers

So, I was recently tagged in the blog post of a much-respected fellow food writer. Margaret C. Doughney runs the food blog Savory Sweet Living, and selected me along with seven of our contemporaries to participate in what is best described as a sort of rolling interview series. The hope is that we’ll all discover a bit more about our fellow food-lovers, and perhaps build a mighty foodie empire intent on dominating the world with our collective kitchen swagger and an iron oven mitt learn a bit about ourselves while giving newcomers to our respective food sites a glimpse into what makes us tick.

So I was challenged to answer all of Margaret’s questions, and then tag eight food bloggers, who would then need to answer eight questions that I compose. Here you’ll see my answers to Margaret’s questions, the eight bloggers I chose to tag, and the questions I would have them answer.

Margaret’s questions and my responses:

  1. What is your signature dish that represents who you are as a cook?
    The answer to this question tends to change−either with my moods, or as I continue to discover new cooking techniques, new recipes, or new ingredients−but lately it’s been étouffée. Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve made shrimp étouffée, chicken étouffée, and a shrimp and lump blue crabmeat étouffée that my wife says is the best thing I’ve ever made. (Made a pretty decent Jambalaya during that same timespan, too. I think I just miss New Orleans.)
  2. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool that you can’t live without?
    My santoku kitchen knife. It slices! It dices! It gives me the power to section fish, poultry, and vegetables like a microsurgeon!
  3. What would you like to eat for your last meal and with whom? (You could pick any guest you want to dine with dead or alive.)
    As much as she might not like reading this because I’m under her direct orders not to die, I’d like to eat my last meal with my wife. I’d have a plate of the Holy Basil Fried Rice that was my first taste of Thai cuisine and that I credit with kick-starting my ongoing pursuit of ever newer, more exotic tastes.
  4. Which country’s cuisine do you love to eat the most and why?
    I like Japanese food the best, due to the variety of tastes and textures, but also for the level of attention given to presentation of meals. One need only look to the traditional Kaiseki meal or tea ceremony to see how the act of sharing and appreciating food is treasured in ways that honor nature and fellow guests as well as the meal.
  5. If you have to move to a deserted island and you could only bring one ingredient (exclude salt and pepper) with you, what would you bring?
    Whole roasted garlic makes everything taste better!
  6. Who inspired you to cook or become a foodie?
    My parents. Both of them cooked, and cooked well. Many of my fondest childhood memories are of helping my mother and father prepare meals in the kitchen.
  7. Name a dish you always wanted to make but haven’t had a chance to make it yet.
    I would love to spend an entire day on a sun-washed beach, slow-roasting a whole pig on a spit. There’d be music and drinking, dancing, the closest of my family and friends around, and a whole pig slow-roasting on a spit!
  8. Do you prefer savory or sweet dishes (to make or to eat)?
    I love both, but in my current mood, with midnight a faint and fading memory, I could go for something savory…topped with something sweet.

F.F.B.I.T (see how I saved a load of time by not fully typing out “Fellow Food Bloggers I Tagged”?)
Melissa @ The Hungry Artist
Rachael @ Tokyo Terrace
Chrystal and Amir @ The Duo Dishes
Katie @ Thyme for Cooking
ELZ and PAB @ Bottomless Kitch
Nancy and Vijay @ Kitchen Gypsies
Jacob @ Jacob’s Kitchen
Dana @ Food For Thought

My Questions:

  1. If presented with the opportunity to prepare a meal in your own kitchen for someone of your choice whom you’ve never personally met, for whom would you prepare it, and why did you choose that person?
  2. In what city have you eaten best, and why?
  3. Describe your fantasy three-stop culinary tourism, if presented with the opportunity to travel to/eat in three locales you’ve never visited.
  4. Finish this sentence: A food I love so much that I could eat myself sick on it is _____.
  5. What is the last delicious meal that you created accidentally or through sheer improvisation, without knowing ahead of time what it would turn out to be?
  6. What is the favorite comfort food of someone close to you that only you can prepare exactly the way they like it?
  7. If presented with your own kitchen-equipped food truck from which to prepare and dispense a single style of food, what kind of food would you sell?
  8. Train A leaves Cincinnati traveling east at 115 miles per hour @ 1:47 pm. Train B leaves San Diego traveling north at 99 miles per hour @ 2:15 pm. What’s the capital of South Dakota?

Can’t wait to see those responses start rolling in…

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