Taipei Tokyo: Good Asian Fusion Cuisine in Rockville, Maryland

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

Its bar area is small, but anytime I’ve visited, has always teemed with satisfied-looking patrons. Not one of its servers has ever failed to offer me a smile to go with my meal, not even during its particularly frenetic daily lunch rush typically falling between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Its menu, as the establishment’s name would suggest, gathers its offerings from the cuisines of more than one locale known for having left an indelible impact on cooking and eating that extends far beyond its national borders.

Having sampled its Japanese cuisine in the form of the Red Dragon Maki (a shrimp tempura roll topped with fresh salmon) and Alligator Maki (eel, shrimp tempura, and avocado), I found these to be good (not excellent, not great, but good in that way that foods with which I can find no specific fault, but which nonetheless fall short of eye-crossing divinity of flavor are good). The rice was cooked well, and reasonably well-seasoned. The fish and eel tasted fresh, and carried their weight nicely amidst the other ingredients. In all honesty, though, if I were looking to pamper my palate with the pinnacle (relative to what’s available to me, given my geographic placement well outside Japan) of tastes and textures that sushi brings to bear, I can think of a few local places that have offered me a superior dining experience. Having said that, while this meal may not have sent me over the moon, it was far being from a subpar outing, as there were some menu standouts that I look forward to enjoying again.

Its Roasted Pork Appetizer and the Seafood Hot Pot from its “Chinese Chef’s Specials” menu (a dish so-called because it combines shrimp, various vegetables and fish filets, scallops and more in a delicious broth served in a sizzling clay hot pot,) are two menu items that really shine. On the merits of these two offerings, I submit that one could do a great deal worse than to give their patronage to Taipei Tokyo.

Taipei Tokyo
14921 Shady Grove Rd # D
Rockville, MD 20850-7733
(301) 738-8813‎

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