Highland Plains Bison: My Official Fascination for the Day

Oh, Highland Plains Bison…you had me at “Official Lean Meat of the Chicago Cubs,” and not because I’m a sports fan; I’m not.  I just think it’s cool as balls that such a thing as “Official (insert remarkably specific food item) of (insert organization that you usually wouldn’t associate with aforementioned foodstuff)” exists.  It got me wondering whether there are others.  Statistically, I imagine there would have to be, since the notion couldn’t possibly have occurred only to MLB.  Is there, for example, an Official Spinach and Three-Cheese Lasagna of NASA?  An Official Three-Alarm White Meat Turkey Chili of the PTA? An Official Organic Milk Produced by a Corn-Fed, Thrice Daily Nut Brown Ale-Massaged Cow of the National Association of Letter Carriers?

For their sakes, let me dream that there are. Because all of those things sound delicious right about now.  Perhaps I need to eat…

Anyway, bison is delicious too, and at risk of stealing some of its appeal, it’s actually kind of good for you.  It also makes a great gift for your favorite carnivore, which is why I’m sharing HighPlainsBison.com’s holiday shipping schedule as it currently appears on their website:

December 13:
LAST DAY to place Christmas and New Years orders with standard delivery ( eligible for free shipping )

December 20:
LAST DAY to place Christmas and New Years orders with express delivery

December 21:
LAST DAY to place Christmas and New Years orders with rush delivery

This Christmas or New Year’s, give the gift of Happy Holidays and good, carnivorous health.

Oh, and dear readers: be sure to hit me up if you discover any other obscure Official edible something of somethings…I’m now living for the love of these.


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