Bacon knows if you’ve been bad or good

Photo credit: Imgur

First, it came for our sodas and our air fresheners. It infiltrated our cocktails and our horticulture. It wove its tasty, meaty tendrils inexorably into our favorite confections (read: bacon candy at The Sticky Pig, maple bacon ice cream at Bacon Today) and changed them forever. It has co-opted our cosmetics and our coffees, and now it has come at long last, for our holiday staples.


(You can go ahead and insert your “Hallelujah!” here.  I’ll wait…)

Now then…

As reported in a recent Indianapolis Star article titled “Try baking with bacon,” the popularity of everyone’s favorite breakfast pork is on the rise despite its retail cost having skyrocketed in 2010, and that popularity is leading bacon on its way into some recipes that might once have seemed unusual on first hearing, but are sounding more conventional by the day. With bacon-centric gourmet items more widely available at relatively inexpensive prices and Christmas on the way, holiday gift-giving may never be the same.

Read the article here.

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