Have Your Drink and Eat it Too: Whipped Lightning

Photo credit: WhippedLightning.com

Here’s a look at the latest cool food item I can’t believe has only recently come into being.  “Whipped Lightning® is a 33.5- to 36.5-proof “Whipahol®” (grain alcohol-infused whipped cream) that, if the website created to announce its existence is to be believed, is “sure to excite your inner Whipalogist.”

Flavored with the likes of Amaretto, German Chocolate, and Spiced Vanilla, it would seem an idea whose time has come, although I have to imagine there are precious few people involved in happy relationships who would consider using it to decorate food and drink before using it to flavor the tastier parts of a willing lover.  I mean, its manufacturers had to have known that this is the first place many minds would go to, right? Makes it hard for me to consider the following paragraph, copied from the Whipped Lightning website, as anything other than tongue-in-cheek:

“A tasty topping that can dress up any drink.  Try it on shots & shooters, cocktails, martinis, coffees, or frozen beverages as well as spicing up your favorite desserts.”

At any rate, I like this idea.  Look for a product review sometime soon (provided I’m not too inebriated by my lightning in a can.)

Suddenly, perhaps inspired by the weather-themed product name, I’m hankering for a Thunder Burger and a tall, cool glass of Sunny D.

Chocolate Rain…

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