24-hour Ice Cream Sandwich Delivery @ Melt Bakery

mbss-17It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved to tears by the mere suggestion of a food that I have yet to taste.  Damn you, Melt Bakery, for breaking my streak of soblessness (we’ll just go ahead and pretend that “soblessness” is a word until I reach the end of this post) with your delivery option that ships exotic ice cream sandwiches to New Yorkers’ doorsteps.

I’ll pause here to let that sink in, and to chamois up my keyboard which at this point is soaked as much with a hungering man’s saliva, as with his tears: Ice cream sandwiches. In enough cookie and ice cream varieties to make for endless taste combinations.  Delivered to your Manhattan doorstep by the half dozen. 24 hours a day.

With their creations bearing memorable monikers like the Coco Daddy (salted caramel ice cream between two chocolate brownies), the Thai Fighter (chocolate chili ice cream between coconut curry cookies), and the Lily Koi (buttercream ice cream between vanilla shortbread cookies), Melt Bakery is making my hometown a little sweeter, one ringing doorbell at a time.  That alone is reason enough to shed a bittersweet tear, glad to live in an age where such things exist, yet sad to live too far away to enjoy them regularly. Factor in the presence of several booze-infused ice cream flavors such as Shiraz and Guinness on the menu, and the fact that you can email your orders in, and my eyes may never be dry again.

Visit Melt Bakery. Because it’s the right thing to do.

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