Skillet Street Food Bacon Jam: A Review

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

A couple of months ago, I was excited to receive a jar of Skillet Street Food Bacon Jam (Bacon Spread, for the sophisticates among us) that I’d ordered with two intentions. The first was seeing with my own eyes bacon that exists in a spreadable form. The second was finding a reason for something so potentially stomach-turning and seemingly unnecessary to exist other than rankling herbivores.

For the uninitiated, Bacon Jam is made of bacon (obviously) that is rendered for hours with onion, spices, and liquid ingredients, then lightly pureed and flash-chilled. Admittedly, my first tasting experience with the product did not fill me with optimism. The day it arrived, I began my odyssey by spreading a bit of it on a triangle of wheat toast. That first bite was far different than I’d imagined it would be.

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