Delicious and Affordable Pho in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

As a customer who has repeatedly come away from the establishment pleased, I figure it’s time I said a long-overdue word about Pho & Grill in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Located in Gaithersburg’s Montgomery Village Shopping Center, Pho & Grill’s first offering when one enters is a sparse décor dominated by warm earth tones, rattan-weave chairs, and bare tabletops. This sensory appetizer is most often accompanied by the aroma of good deeds being performed in the kitchen. On any day, a person entering this establishment will observe steam rising from tall-rimmed bowls filled with generous portions of Vietnamese fare whose flavors are as much to be celebrated as their inexpensive cost. They will witness upon the faces of their fellow diners the satisfaction to be derived from something as simple as a plate of noodles, grilled meat, and fresh vegetables. And more often than not, they will join those satisfied legions in less time than it takes to get a seat in other eateries whose food is not half as good.

The soups are a definite draw, and an excellent way to begin. The sweet-salty broth forming the basis for Phở Bò (Beef noodle soup) is delicious enough to be enjoyed alone. Added to it are various combinations of ingredients like medium-rare eye round, brisket, tripe, tendon, fatty flank, steamed or fresh bean sprouts, sweet basil, and lime. Served steaming, these soups are customizable according to one’s taste. The Phở Gà (Chicken noodle soup) is equally praiseworthy.

From the grill, we are brought sizzling entrees of lemon chicken, sesame beef, grilled shrimp, or lemongrass pork. Crunchy spring rolls or refreshing summer rolls pair well with these. Large servings are excellent for eating a portion at your table and carrying out the remainder for additional enjoyment later. Plum sauce and sriracha are available at each table, and in the case of the latter, are best sampled by unfamiliar palates in the smallest possible quantity, as the heat level can be arresting to the unprepared.

A helpful, courteous staff and a dining room that I have never observed to be anything less than immaculately clean have made a satisfied repeat customer of me. Pho & Grill is a wonderful place to stop into for a quick and satisfying meal, or from which to carry out the same.

Pho & Grill
18310 Contour Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone: 301-740-7728
Fax: 301-740-7729
Open daily 11am-9pm

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