On the Occasion of Our 100th Post: Secret Boozy Donuts!

Photo credit: Flexmusselsny.com

I knew this day would come. And given that milestones of this magnitude come only once, how best to commemorate the big one-oh-oh has been a near-constant source of distraction for at least twice as long as it’s taken me to type this sentence.  So today, after a long process involving no small amount of second-guessing, teeth gnashing, and ethanol ingestion, here, on the occasion of Flavorful World food and drink blog’s ONE-HUNDREDTH POST, are a few words about a bakery with a secret menu of booze-infused donuts.

The Place: Flex Mussels in NYC (a city from whence all good eating flows)

The skinny: There’s tasty fried pastry available with your name on it in the kitchen, and it’s been injected with sinfully delicious curd spiked with Absinthe Chocolate, Margarita, Maker’s Mark Caramel, or Blueberry Daiquiri .

The Magic words: “Time to make the donuts.” Whispered to your server at just the right moment, these five words will yield you a cornucopia of earthly (fried, liquor-spiked) delights, not to mention the satisfaction of being privy to a plethora of off-menu treats that few if any of your fellow diners have any idea exists.

Flex Mussels

154 W 13th St
New York, NY 10011

174 E 82nd St
New York, NY 10028

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