We’re A Year old Today!

Today, Flavorful World turned one year old. And as one would expect, that signifies a few things: that we’ve probably cut our first couple of teeth; that we’ve gotten good at grasping things; that we can now crawl with our belly lifted off the floor, or maybe even toddle a step or two before falling on our diaper-padded butt.  It also signifies that we’ve grown a little, and as a testament to said growth, we present our inaugural Guest Blogger.  A monthly feature, our guest bloggers will feature people from all walks of life and eating.

Being a writer who eats, as well as an eater who writes, I strive always to maintain equal dexterity with the pen/keyboard as with the ladle or santoku, since both passions feed my soul like nothing else.  As a result, I tend to cross paths with others of my kind quite frequently. Romance/Erotica author and blogger Betty Carlton, author of Dance With Me (4 stars on Amazon.com!) is one such person, and for anyone who might be unfamiliar with her work, it gives me limitless pleasure to introduce you to her here.  After you’ve read her contribution, you should totally check out her blog, read her book, and try her recipes (We’ll leave the order in which you do these up to you.  Because we’re fair that way…)

May Guest Blogger: Betty Carlton
Social media is what it’s called. All it is in reality is a way to get the word out. You open a Facebook page, MySpace page, and any other page you think of. For the new writer it is an obligation of their work.

So what does publishing a book have to do with food, and especially Flavorful World? We both have products to market. The connection to books and food can be as simple as a cookbook. But at this time I am not talking cookbooks.

In an effort to “get the word out,” several ingenious writers came up with a way to expand the Twitter experience in marketing. Publishers, editors and writers use Twitter regularly for communication as well as marketing. If you “tweet,” then you may have seen the hashtag #SampleSunday. ( for you non-tweeters out there, hashtags tell the reader that all the messages with the tag are somehow related.)

#SampleSunday is a Twitter event held each Sunday. Numerous writers have prepared in their blogs an excerpt from one of their books. Anyone following can read the offerings and learn about the books they might enjoy enough to purchase. Some authors even go chapter by chapter each week and let you read one of their entire books.

I belong to a group that decided to reinvent the wheel, or at least #SampleSunday. We agreed to add recipes to our excerpts. Many times the stories already had some type of food mentioned, so it was a natural mix. The new hashtag we used was #SampleSundaycookoff. From around the world we shared recipes from Grandma’s kitchen to the next door neighbor’s recipe box.

From the wilds of Africa to old-fashioned (American?) cooking in the 1800’s we shared them all: appetizers, soups, breads, dips, meats, vegetables, deserts, and yes, even sinful chocolate recipes to die for.

So here is your own invitation to join. A link to my blog:

After reading my excerpt, you will find many more links to follow, and you won’t even need to be a tweeter this week.

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