Titli Cooks Lamb/Mutton Biryani in her Busy Kitchen

My obsession no longer: Savory cupcakes
My obsession of five minutes ago: The molcajete
My current obsession: Titli’s Busy Kitchen

There’s no love lost between me and the molcajete or the cupcake stuffed with pulled pork and onions. For the past couple of days, though, it’s been all about the recipes rendered by Titli Nihaan, the adorable bespectacled lady in the video above.  It is but one episode of an ongoing cooking series she’s got going at her website, and my newest and most pleasant online distraction, Titli’s Busy Kitchen.  Her focus tends toward dishes of Asian and Mediterranean origin, and after spending several days perusing her offerings, I have yet to come across a single one that doesn’t look damn delicious.

Watch her (in HD, you’ll watch!) cook up a pot of lamb/mutton biryani that looks so good I only narrowly restrained myself from jabbing a fork at my monitor, trying to steal a taste because there was a second when I swore I could SMELL the coriander and mint used to flavor the food.  Too impatient to surrender yourself to 6:07 minutes of food lover’s bliss? First: Poor you.  Slow down, speedball; life’s too short. Seriously.  Second: The finished presentation crushes the screen at about the 5:31 mark.  But really, watch the whole thing. Then visit her website and watch a pile more.

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