It’s the Beginning of the End; What’s On Your Plate?

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So, if a certain minister who shall not be named here is correct, our world, like a spinning top beginning to wobble, soon to fall, is scheduled to start ending at the stroke of 6 p.m. this Saturday, May 21st. This, it is believed by more people than I’d expect in the 21st century, is to begin with The Rapture, the time when God calls all good Christians up to heaven and leaves the rest of us fun folk down here on Earth to ring in the Apocalypse from this Saturday until Earth’s book officially closes sometime this October.

(Note to self: Do no miss this year’s Oktoberfest, as the last one ever, it’s going to kick SO much ass…)

Personally, I hold with skeptics, as the Bible prophecy-inspired mathematics by which said minster arrived at his last doomsday prediction date of September 6, 1994 didn’t quite pan out. But because I will rarely, if ever pass up an opportunity for a fete, it occurred to me yesterday that if there’s even a grain of truth to the prediction (and of all the “ifs” ever to issue from a human intellect, this one is by far the largest, most Brobdingnagian of them all) then I’d damned sure better be eating and drinking something phenomenal when the four horsemen begin to saddle up (many believe they’ve already begun to ride, but that’s another story.) My “last supper” has to sing. So I’m asking my fellow food lovers: What will you be eating/drinking this Saturday?

I promise to share photos of our eventual Doomdsay meal this Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at 6:01 pm when nothing happens, save for the lamentations of many that they will have to go in to work next Monday after all.

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