2nd Annual Malaysian Restaurant Week Begins Today

Photo credit: MalaysiaKitchenNYC.com

Reason #145 that I find myself missing my hometown more than usual as of late: Today begins the 2nd Annual Malaysian Restaurant Week, and I’m not there. Malaysian restaurants not only in NYC, but throughout the tri-state area will spend the week of June 13-June 19  up $20.11 prix-fixe menus to give us all a taste of Malaysian cuisine at a relatively inexpensive cost. Select establishments will offer delicious two-course menus bringing us the best of Malaysian and Malaysian-inspired fare (although with these, prices will vary).

As last year’s event proved to be a smashing success, I don’t doubt for an instant that this year’s outing will surpass it, drawing new and adventurous palates to the joys of Malaysian cooking in ever-growing numbers. Find details on the 2nd Annual Malaysian Restaurant Week at http://www.malaysiakitchennyc.com

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