A NYC Beer Garden Worthy of Our Pride

Photo credit: The Museum of Sex

It’s officially the first Sunday of Summer 2011! Today’s post might seem an unlikely departure from food and cooking, but hang with us a moment and you’ll see how seamlessly we  manage to work the Museum of Sex, a shirtless bartender, and gay pride into a post that is (mainly) about a beer garden opening today.

In New York City as I type this, The Museum of Sex is celebrating New York State’s recent legalization of gay marriage by hosting a beer garden on its first level. Drop in for $5 brews, music, and tattoos, and enjoy the festivities without paying a cover charge (We hear something about a shirtless bartender, also.)  Because honestly, isn’t that what summer Sunday afternoons are all about?

Drop in if you haven’t, or if you’re already there, tweet to us at @flavorfulworld and let us know how much fun we’re missing out on by not being there.

The Museum of Sex
233 5th avenue
New York, NY 10016
Sun – Thu: 10am – 8pm
Fri – Sat: 10am – 9pm

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