Photo: Burgers at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

So a few weekends ago, I brought Mrs. Flavorful World and Baby FW to NYC.  I took us there intent on our eating our way from one end of Manhattan island to the other in a waistline-expanding, gastronomic lust-driven-frenzy of food and wine bacchanalia the likes of which promised to make doves cry and align Jupiter with Mars and bring a gaggle of other song lyrics to fruition with equal dexterity. Oh, yes, this was going down, and it was due to commence from the moment our feet touched New York pavement.

Instead of that happening (for reasons into which I dare not delve except to say that Murphy’s Law not only lives but has a sense of humor), we got a couple of burgers at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen on 8th Ave for our first meal upon arriving.  Enjoy this picture of them.

On the left, wearing a special cheese blend, arugula, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, and a dressing of “Schnipper Sauce”: A Schnipper’s Classic burger. To the right, a Cheeseburger with lettuce and red onion.

Our unanimous decision: these tasty-but-not-phenomenal offerings certainly can (and did) satisfy in a pinch.  But would we choose to return here over any of the other gazillion burger joints in NYC? Perhaps not, as neither burger offered up anything distinctive enough to incite further curiosity.  Areas in which the place definitely earned points, however, are its polite staff, the quickness with which our orders came to the table, and its inexpensive and highly customizable menu.  Bottom line? Nice place to grab a quick bite or take the kids, but for our money, that’s all she grilled.

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