My July 15th Truckeroo Experience in Photos

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

Yesterday, I attended the second Truckeroo (a monthly food truck festival going down through October 2011 in Washington D.C.) and had a wonderful time (not to mention some wonderful food and a bottled beer or two, since I’m willing to do whatever it takes to properly research a food-related topic).  Of over 20 trucks present, I managed to enjoy treats from seven of them; a respectable if not astounding showing on my part, considering my 3+ hours of continuous eating.  As much as I’d like to will it thus, my stomach is not the bottomless pit that many may think it is.  Still, were it possible for me to issue any singular statement on what a grand ol’ time I had, I would say simply this:  I can’t wait until the next one.  Enjoy these snapshots from the July 15th Truckeroo.

The following food trucks took wonderful care of me, and I’m happy to have sampled their great food. I look forward to encountering them in my travels throughout the D.C. area (which is my way of saying that if you’re aren’t following them on Twitter, you should be):
@Takorean  @Porcmobile  @DCempanadas  @PleasantPops  @FLmeetsDC  @DClovebites  @dcslices

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