Product Review: Fig and Honey Newtons Fruit Thins

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

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As someone who historically has held no great affection for the taste of Fig Newtons, I wondered what to expect of this new Nabisco product.  Nabisco has been keeping food market shelves well-stocked with Fig Newtons for over a century, after all, and any new product with “Newtons” in its name was bound to share at least a passing characteristic or two with them.  Still, a no-risk opportunity to sample the newcomer and potentially find my views expanded in the process was too attractive to let slip and so I jumped at the offer to review this Fig-and-Honey-flavored product.

I’m glad that I did, and even gladder to be proven wrong about similarities between the two items.  Those like me, who have found Fig Newtons to be less than wonderful will be pleased to know that Newtons Fruit Thins could not be more unlike their  cake-like, paste-filled predecessors.

The first thing I noted about the Fruit Thins was their crispness.  When bitten, they break with a clean, satisfying snap! that is and has always been absent from the softer, spread-filled Newtons of old.  Whole grain with a crunchy texture, studded with chewy bits of dried fig and raisins, this product strikes a perfect balance of sweetness between the fruit and honey without being too sugary.  This is welcome as it allows the cookie to be tasted fully, rather than letting added elements carry the weight of its flavor.

A 10.5-ounce bag holds about ten servings, at three cookies per serving (one serving provides eight grams of whole grain.)  Despite their thinness and pleasing taste, I find more often than not that three cookies in a single sitting is plenty.  A treat that is healthy and palate-pleasing, yet does not tempt me to overindulge is a rare find nowadays.  This aspect only makes it more attractive to me, not only as a reviewer of food products, but also as a parent always looking for tasty, health-conscious alternatives to more popular sweets that children crave.

As for their taste, Newtons Fruit Thins are laced with a faint hint of cinnamon that complements a variety of foods. Touch them with a smear of your favorite cream cheese.  Enjoy them with frozen yogurt, or crumble them for stirring into your fruit parfait. This product also makes a great addition to a platter of meats and cheeses when substituted for your usual crackers or served alongside them, by bringing a touch of sweetness to an otherwise savory mix.  The possibilities are many, and so far I have yet to discover one that’s proven to be less than delicious.

I would definitely purchase this product, and I look forward to tasting the other flavors varieties currently available: Cranberry Citrus Oat, Blueberry Brown Sugar, and Chocolate Raspberry.  Full nutritional information on Newtons Fruit Thins can be found by clicking here.

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