Your Green Fairy, Now Available In a Frappe

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News of the latest D.C. area off-menu ordering phenom has reached our ears, and it is here to serve up an herbal symphony in a glass.  What, you beg to know, is the name of this sweet summer melody? It’s called the Absinthe Frappe, and it’s at Johnny’s Half Shell in Washington, D.C.

Heaven help us all.

Egg white makes it frothy. Crushed ice makes it frosty. Simple syrup flavored with lemon gives it teeth, the better to bite you with. A generous dose of your choice of absinthe (including direct-shipped European varieties,) makes it the greenest fairy you’re not chasing.

You won’t find her on the menu.  Just ask for the lady by name.

Johnny’s Half Shell
400 N Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 737-0400

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