Truckeroo 4 in D.C. on September 30th…Come Get Some

Mrs. Flavorful World has been teasing me all week about what has been my apparent state of heightened ebullience (not to suggest, I trust, that I’m not ordinarily the sweetest s.o.b. around, but merely that something about me is different this week, shinier perhaps) with regard to this Friday. And while I will cop to having spent more time than usual pondering what outfit to wear tomorrow, and what cologne, and how early to awaken in order to take best advantage of morning traffic, I contend that I can hardly be blamed for my effervescence.  Why?  Because, guys and dolls, foodies and foodettes: Truckeroo is coming back to town, and it’s going down tomorrow in D.C.

Truckeroo 4 is happening on September 30th, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Flavorful World will be there, live-tweeting about the cornucopia of colors and sounds, smells and tastes exploding across our senses.  Having attended Truckeroo 2 back in July, and having enjoyed the hell out of experience, I’m returning, this time with Mrs. FW in tow.  If you can, you should swing on by the corner of Half St.and M St., SE and take part in this monthly festival showcasing nearly two-dozen Washington D.C.-area food trucks.  Begun this past June, it’s only slated to last through October, but don’t wait. You’re going to eat tomorrow at some point; why not savor a libation or two and some live music with your meal as you greet the weekend?

Follow Truckeroo on Twitter or visit the Truckeroo website for festival details, photos of past events, and directions to the party.

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