That’s Right, I Said “Turducken Meatballs”

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Coming to you from Flavorful World’s “Things I Wish Like Hell that I’d Thought of Attempting Before Finding Out They Already Exist” file, is this tale of ground meat in ball form (not speaking euphemistically there).  But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill meatballs.  Among the offerings made up of traditional ingredients like chicken, Angus beef, pork shoulder and lamb, we get Turducken Meatballs.

Turducken.  !%#@.  Meatballs.  Turducken meatballs comprising Hudson Valley Farms Duck Confit, Shady Farms Turkey, and Bell & Evans Chicken, along with allspice and sage.

Thanksgiving may be more than a month away, but some sort of expression of gratitude seems warranted here.  I’m just sayin’.

Where: The Meatball Factory, spacious brick-walled child of chef Dave Martin (friend of all meat-eating humanity and Top Chef alumni) that will hold its Grand Opening on October 25th.

Why: Because he loves you.

How: Served over your choice of poutine (a diner staple originating in Canada and consisting of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and occasional added ingredients, covered with brown gravy), challah, or house-made pasta.  Furthermore, you get to cover your balls (still not speaking euphemistically, difficult as it may be to believe) with your choice of sauces like green peanut curry, truffle cream, or roasted poblano BBQ.

Check out the menu here.

Achieve ballsy gastronomic nirvana here:
The Meatball Factory (Opening 10/25/11 in NYC’s East Village)
231 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
Find it on Facebook
Twitter: @MeatBallFactory

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