Mr. Kanso Comes to Tokyo With Cheap Drinks, Unique Eats

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It’s no secret that Japan has contributed a great deal of delicious and, some would say, somewhat “unusual” food and drink to the world.  Headquartered in Osaka (Japan’s food mecca) Mr. Kanso, a chain of bars steeped in casual cheer, recently opened its first Tokyo establishment with plans to open two more this month in Yotsuya and Tamachi.  You’d think the most interesting thing about a bar would be what’s on tap, however, at Mr. Kanso where they serve up dishes like steamed Korean silkworm chrysalis, it’s sure to be all about the 350 canned food items available for purchase alongside the beers and wines.

From Japan Pulse:

“Light meals out of a can range from ¥200 to ¥2,000. The selection of canned foods come from all over the globe, but foodies willing to try something new will be keen to order dishes such as bear curry, seal curry, deer curry and sea lion curry, all of which were made in Japan.”

I might be in the minority among those reading this, but if I were in Tokyo right now, sitting at a Mr. Kanso, I’d eat the hell out of some bear curry, if for no other reason than I can’t imagine where or when such a tasting opportunity would next arise for me.  I’m guessing red wine pairs well with bear, but if there’s an ideal beer or sake to complement the subtler flavor nuances of tasty bruin in curry stewin’, then I would select accordingly.

As comfortable, inexpensive bars like Mr. Kanso gain popularity, one can’t help but wonder whether more daring menu offerings of the sort featured there will begin to spread as well.  This food lover hopes so.

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