Donut Burger Chain Goes to Hiroshima, Kyoto

We’ve filed this one under “The-growing-mountain-of-reasons-I’m-bummed-not-to-be-in-Kyoto-or-Hiroshima-this-very-minute.”  Back in 2008, fast food burger franchise Mos Burger and donut chain Mister Donut merged the things they do best, and the result was as intriguing to the eye as it doubtless is to the palate. Their collaborative efforts operating under the portmanteau Mosdo, each entity put out a product mashing up the attributes of both enterprises:

Mos Burger gave us the Donut Burger (a ring-shaped hamburger impersonating donut)…

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…with Mister Donut contributing the “No Way Burger” (a dessert masquerading as a hamburger through usage of donuts for the “bun”, chocolate puffed rice patties for the “burger”, and strawberry whipped cream “tomato” or green tea whipped cream “lettuce”) that gets served with a side of faux french fries made of donut sticks.

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According to Japan Sugoi, Mosdo opened its first retail chain in Hiroshima’s Hiroshimafuchu-soleil Aeon Mall in 2010. Last month, a second store opened in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, offering creme-filled pastries and french bread sandwiches.

Japan sugoi, indeed.

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