In Brooklyn: Eatery + Alter-Ego = Alter-Eatery-go?

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Brooklyn, New York is a borough with no few claims to fame (enough that to place the word “Brooklyn” before words/phrases like Museum, Botanic Gardens, Brewery, and Navy Yard, is in each case to name an instantly recognizable and much-beloved institution originating in history far too expansive to receive due exploration in a single blog posting such as this.)  Now this most populous of NYC’s boroughs can boast an additional laurel: In Brooklyn as you sit reading this, there’s a cozy little café with a secret identity.

(albeit one that is rapidly growing less secret).

By day, Windsor’s Terrace’s Crossroads Café is a great place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and a bagel.  Easily accessible by subway, it offers a specialty quiche alongside savory turnovers, and an impressive array of sweets.  But after 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, Crossroads Café becomes something else.  In the manner of a secret superhero, it slips out of its guise by which it is well-known and liked by all, that of mild-mannered eatery complete with children’s menu, and into something more softly-lit, more sophisticated.  A black-and-white awning gets pulled down over its bright orange one.  Outdoor chairs and tables are removed.  Interior lights are dimmed.  Candles hit the tables and get lit. Crossroads Café abandons bagels and coffee for the day, and turns its menu focus toward wines and dinner entrées, emerging onto the evening dining scene in its alternate identity of the sleek restaurant that is Nanny Goat Hill Wine Bar and Kitchen. The focus at Nanny Goat Hill, brainchild of the proprietors of the nearby Juice Box wine shop, is on small plates and organics.

Whether or not the cash-only pop-up establishment’s similarities with masked heroes will extend to fighting crime under cover of night remains to be seen.  If not, then bringing us one more place to enjoy an evening of food and drink in an environment aimed at a more adult palate seems an equally worthy endeavor.

Crossroads Café / Nanny Goat Hill Wine Bar and Kitchen
1241A Prospect Ave (at Reeve Pl)
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
(718) 972-1852
Subway: F, G train to Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Wed–Sun 5–11pm

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