This Sandwich and Popcorn Feast Provided By…Robots!

Making news this past Friday was a team of German artificial intelligence researchers having created robots whose culinary skills include the ability to pop corn and prepare sandwiches on toasted bread.

Politely referenced as “domesticated androids” in this article, the two ‘bots are named James and Rosie. Though once able only to prepare pancakes and sausage, they now can make spontaneous decisions rather than pre-programmed ones while performing their newly expanded culinary repertoire, and are early examples of an intended line of “cognitive” robots designed to help humans with household chores not limited to the kitchen.

As Christmas is next week, I’ll forgo my usual bit of sturm und drang about the coming carnivorous, knife-wielding foodie robot apocalypse.  I’ll do this in the spirit of the holiday, to avoid bringing people down so close to one of the most festive times of the year, and hope that the gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by our eventual metal rulers.

Come 2012, though, it’s open season

…Don’t tell Skynet.

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