Photo: California Garden Roll

Photo credit: Anthony Beal

The menu description for this California Garden Roll that Mrs. Flavorful World and I enjoyed on our last visit to Taipei Tokyo in Rockville, MD’s Falls Grove Village Center reads: “Fresh spring roll made with California Roll crabmeat, crisp lettuce, rice noodles,
and cilantro. Served cold (not fried) and with a sweet and sour sauce.”  This, plus hidden bits of fresh avocado added a creamy smoothness that mitigated an otherwise crunchy texture.  Lettuce and cilantro combined to refresh the palate after each bite, making this appetizer one I’d easily order again.

One thought on “Photo: California Garden Roll

  • January 12, 2012 at 2:55 AM

    Yum! Without the crabmeat those rolls sound delish! (I’m a vegetarian) Avacado seems to make anything taste good! Or maybe it’s that I just LOVE avacado! 😉

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