March 1st – March 6th is Japan Week in NYC

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Nearly a year ago, the world watched in horror as Japan’s Fukushima prefecture was ravaged by a tsunami unlike anything the region had ever witnessed.  Today begins Japan Week NYC, a week-long celebration of Japanese food and culture.  If you’re in the New York City area, then you’re closer than I am to the Flavors of Japan kickoff event being held in Grand Central Terminal today, and as such, you ought to drop on by.  Featuring new and exciting Japanese food products, it’s just the beginning of a  week to be spent enjoying good food and drink, live cultural performances, public exhibitions, and other related events.

If those aren’t incentives enough, interested parties can compete now through 03/07/12 for the chance to win a $250 sushi dinner at renowned NYC Japanese restaurant Sushiden.  Visit the ‘Get This’ contest at Time Out New York for details.

Now go to Grand Central Terminal so my stomach can live vicariously through yours for a little bit…

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