Product Review: Antidote Chocolates

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Flavor-packed and sustainably-produced, Antidote Chocolates invites consumers to “Empower your inner goddess.” Available in 77%, 84%, and 100% organic certified cacao derived from beans originating in the Ecuadorian Amazon, this product would seem to be a dark chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Those who hear the word “chocolates” and come looking for overtly sugary, ganache-filled treats won’t find them here. In Antidote chocolates, sweetness exists mainly on the milder side, and is paired with ingredients like rose salt, lavender, and gooseberry. Unlike many candy manufacturers, Antidote chocolatiers seem less obsessed with creating artificially sweet treats than finding healthy, tantalizing combinations of fruits, nuts, florals, and spices to blend with the raw organic cane sugar used to sweeten its product. These dark chocolates span a wide range of flavor combinations, some of which, like Banana and Cayenne or Mango and Juniper might seem unorthodox on first hearing, but the proof is in the tasting. And the taste is both unique enough to be memorable and varied enough to be exciting every time.

Notable is that Antidote Chocolates are more than a tasty indulgence.  Powdered moringa in each bar delivers a dose of vitamins, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and other health benefits.  Couple this with cocoa being a source of iron, fiber, and assorted minerals, and this product is as much a powerhouse of nutrition as of innovative ingredient blends.  The samples that I tasted for the purpose of this review include Ginger and Gooseberry (84%), Lavender and Red Salt (84%), Red Flower and Berry (77%), Rose Salt and Lemon (77%), and Raw and Roasted Organic Cacao (84%).  In each instance, the flavors present acted as excellent complement to the taste of the raw cacao. The essences of ginger, lemon, and rose salt infused the chocolate with added flavor dimensions.  The addition of pieces of gooseberry or salt crystals lent a pleasing textural element that added an exciting sense of anticipation to each bite. Whereas a single square of many other dark chocolates has sufficed with me in the past, the unique flavors of Antidote chocolates compelled me to repeat samplings.

An added bonus of enjoying this product, one admittedly one having nothing to do with flavor, is its goddess theme, wherein the chocolate bars are named for ancient female deities like Gaia, Alethia, and Kakia. Available individually or in bulk sets of three, ten, or twelve bars, this product line casts an obvious and affectionate eye toward making room in our hectic daily routines for a measure of attention to nature and wellness, as well as things delicious.  For the dark chocolate lover in you or in the ones you love, there may exist a greater gift than to ingest the nutrient-rich power of a goddess, but after tasting this product, I’m hard pressed to imagine what it could be.

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