Braised Celebs, Bakin’ Sweet Bacon, and a Food Truck Widda Baseball Bat

As we approach the end of this final week before Flavorful World food and drink blog turns two years old, we direct our attention and yours toward the following trifecta of tasty items. Not only do they promise us interesting times ahead, but they might well change the way we think about certain established food icons (of both the living and edible varieties.)

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The Braiser: Dan Abrams, web guru behind Mediaite and other wildly popular websites recently announced plans to launch a new site aimed at full-time coverage of celebrity chefs. Original personality-focused pieces on the likes of Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali will be the order of the day and will chronicle their feats, feuds, and foibles, all for our enjoyment voyeuristic and vicarious. The Braiser already has a Facebook page. Look for the site to launch later this month.


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Baconery: I’m still deciding whether this is rooted in benevolence or delicious evil. Either way, it is genius.  Online cult favorite is a bacon bakery (Yes, you read that right. “Bacon” + “Bakery” = “Baconery” Get it?  Good.  Moving on…) that recently opened a physical location inside Books of Wonder, a children’s bookstore in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood . This, I assume, is intended to prevent bookish little darlings from having to interrupt their reading to mount a protracted search for sweet, sweet pork products whenever a hankering should take them. And the word “sweet” is all too accurate when the menu offers up brownies, cookies, and even chocolate-dipped pretzel rods that are all infused with the smoky, soul-massaging deliciousness of cured meat. Though this does cast the children’s classic “The Three Little Pigs” in a new and somewhat dismaying light, there’s not a single thing on the Baconery’s menu that I wouldn’t try twice without leaving behind a single crumb.

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PB&J Food Truck: Rolling out tomorrow May 4th, the Peanut Butter Jelly Time truck gives us all the more reason to love Friday. Its menu includes some signature sandwiches (Yes, there’s one called the “Elvis” as it seems to go with most establishments specializing in PB&J) as well as enough varieties of bread, breakfast cereal, and great-tasting spreads to allow endless combinations to those seeking a more customized snack. Once assembled, your sandwich creation comes accompanied by a carton of milk and your choice of chips or apples. Because life is good.

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