We’re Two Years Old Today!

Two years ago today we set out to share our love of cooking and eating with the world and hopefully make a new friend or two along the way.  We built it and you came.  Not only did we discover some insanely talented brethren, but we found confirmation time and time again of how universal and how unifying food culture can be.

We truly cannot thank you enough.

In gratitude, we promise to do our best to keep things tasty and interesting enough that you’ll continue to visit us often and to tell your friends about us.  To that end, we hope you’ll enjoy some new features we were excited to unveil today:

New URL: We’ve gone from being flavorfulworld.com to being FlavorfulWorld.com!  (If you search for this site by its old URL, you’ll still get here, but who has time to type out the long-winded version if you don’t have to?)

New Page Layout: Because the occasional palate cleanser is good.

New “Interviews” tab: This will lead you to all of our monthly F.A.Qs interviews collected in one place.

New “Polls” feature/tab: Scroll down this page and get thee to the polls (check out the leftmost of the two sidebars) on all subjects food-related, or click the “Polls” tab in the page header to find that place where all polls past and present gather.

Thanks again for being great to us these two years.  We can’t wait to show you the shape and flavor of things to come.

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