Japanese Starbucks Passes the Sugar

Oh, Japan: Your willingness to take risks in all things related to food and beverages continues to delight me as few things do. Innumerable are my reasons for admiring such acts of edible, drinkable derring-do as I will describe, though here is one more reason I’ve found within the past few days.

Starbucks Japan Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with White Chocolate Pudding

Photo credit: Starbucks Coffee Japan

On first reading of this recent limited-time addition to Starbucks’ coffeehouse menus in Japan Today, my first impulse was to search my mouth for the cavities I could feel forming in my teeth while I read about it.  As a fair 75% of any menu at any Starbucks I’ve ever visited reads less to me like a selection of coffees and more like a litany of hot-dessert-in-a-cup options, it hadn’t occurred to me that anything could pack a bigger, sweeter punch than I was already accustomed to.  Then Japan went and did this: it’s a cup of coffee with chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies crumbled into it, and a dollop of white chocolate pudding at the bottom of the cup.  Look at this thing.  I mean, look at it and really see it.  You’ll have to pardon me, but there’s something in my eye, and I think it’s awe.

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